Textile Division

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The mill is situated at 3 Km Raiwind Manga Road, Raiwind and is spread over an area of 90 Kanals. The division is basically engaged in cotton yarn manufacturing with installed capacity of 38,000 Lbs per day of 20/1 100 % cotton yarn. It started commercial production in 1992 with 17,280 spindles which has now increased to 20160 spindles.



The Mill started commercial production in 1992 and since then it’s been regularly upgraded. Recently 2880 spindles were added to existing 17280 spindles. In addition to that the old auto winders were replaced with the most technically advanced auto winders. Taking into consideration the market trend the company commissioned doublers and twister in 2006.



The number of employees through out the year ranges from 700 to 750



The basic raw material is cotton which is one of the major crops of Pakistan. However, division does occasionally import long staple cotton to meet specific demand of our customers.



Hudabiya Brand is one of the most desired brands by foreign as well as local consumers. Almost 60% to 70% of our production is being exported through international buying houses. The rest is sold to local consumers through company’s marketing department as well as local agents on cash basis.

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